Anti-Dither Encoders Module (ADE) was designed to eliminate counting errors in systems with high mechanical vibrations. Using the quadrature signals, the ADE can discriminate between noise dither or real movement of the encoder, eliminating thus the noise in output channels. In addition to this the ADE eliminates any invalid input transition, generating only valid transitions in their outputs.

Also, the ADE allows the change of levels, increase the quantity of outputs and regenerate the signal if cables are long.

The input signals of ADE (A-B-Z) may be single-ended or differential in both 5V and 24V.

The outputs are push-pull type, have short circuit protection and diagnostics for low power.

ADE module has two versions: the ADE1 having an input (A-B-Z) and one output (A1-B1-Z1); and the ADE3 which has one input and three outputs (A1-B1-Z1) (A2-B2-Z2 ) (A3-B3-Z3)