This equipment allows replacement of tachogenerators by the set FVC-incremental encoder, optimizing the performance of the speed control loop and eliminating the preventive maintenance necessary in the conventional tachogenerators. Using an incremental encoder as measuring element improves the measurement conditions due to its excellent signal/noise ratio and linearity, and it prevents the kinky produced by tachogenerators when the motor rotates at low speed.

The values ​​to which the relay outputs activates indicating overspeed, underspeed and failure are configurable by software. The connection to charge the desired configuration from the PC to FVC is via a standard mini USB connector.

The equipment has reverse polarity protection and inputs can be both 5V and 24V configurable by hardware.

The maximum input frequency is 1MHz.

The equip also has LED status indicators on the front.

Terminal block connection and dimensions

Bornes Dimensiones

Block diagram and connection to the encoder