The isolator-multiplier module for encoders (MAE) is the perfect interface between your encoder and the controller, enabling a change of levels, increase the quantity of outputs (splitter) and the regeneration of the signal when the cable has a big length.(Encoder Repeater).

The input signals of MAE (A-B-Z) may be single-ended or differential in both 5V and 24V. In either case, the inputs are opto-coupled to isolate the outputs of the MAE of the encoder inputs, avoiding problems of noise and ground.

The outputs are push-pull type, have short circuit protection and diagnostics for low power. The feeds range can be 12-30 Vdc output (HTL version) or 5V (TTL version), both of which can each deliver 100mA.

Each group of outputs has led indicators of ‘Vcc’ and ‘Failure’.

MAE module has two versions: the MAE1 having an input (A-B-Z) and one output (A1-B1-Z1), the MAE3 which has one input and three outputs (A1-B1-Z1) (A2-B2-Z2 ) (A3-B3-Z3).

The maximum operating frequency is 200kHz.