SGE Speed Sensor has been developed with the aim of achieving a equipment of low cost and easy installation, which generates pulses from the magnetic sensor type. The pulse output can be simple type (A ) or two quadrature signals (A and B ) depending on the model.

Using these pulses is possible to monitor or easily calculated from the controller: speed, direction of rotation, under or over speed or other parameters of the computer to which it is attached.

Assembly is quick and simple, it is done by inserting a screw through a central through hole, which fits over the shaft of the device to be sensed.

It has small dimensions and low weight, so it can be directly mounted to the shaft without extra supports. However, for the applications that require it, a additional mounting bar can be added.

It also has an output with a metallic threaded connector, allowing placement of connectors for pipelines.

It has NPN or PNP outputs depending on the model type, with reverse polarity protection at the input and short circuit at the output.



Mounting and Installation