The Encoder Tester can accurately interpret the phase, work cycle, pulses per turn, speed sensor, signal level and other principal parameters for a wide spectrum of incremental encoders, in a large variety of applications and TTL or HTL power supply ranges.

Once the encoder is connected to the analyzer , all important parameters are displayed through a graphic LCD display with backlight. It can perform various functions by using a totally intuitive keypad.

The results of each analysis are shown in a series of screens in different numerical values ​​and warning messages to the user. The real-time processing of Tester-Encoder facilitates the detection of transient faults and the quality of portability makes it a very versatile equipment.

The Tester- Encoder lets you save maximum and minimum values of different parameters of the encoder under analysis. The encoder input signals (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z ) and power supply outputs (5V, 24V ) are made using a standard DB-9 connector.


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