2012 Projects

We have extensive experience in the development of turnkey projects, conduction of basic and detailed engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial automation projects.

Remote control for AGVs

  • For the manual control, the AGV has a wiring joystick, which not only makes the driving difficult, but makes repeated failures and breakages caused in the wiring and the connectors. Because of this, we have development a new wireless joystick.

Formulation system

  • For Monsanto plant Maria Eugenia at the city of Rojas, Buenos Aires, was performed the configurations and control programming for the new line of Cured founder. The system is composed of 3 transport equipment, 4 pumps handling the dosage , capacitive level sensors and a Gustafson seeds curator.

Manufacturing of new spiral winder

  • For the customer Papelera Ringuelet we have developed a spiral winder cardboard tube with possibility of including up to 28 bands. The engineering project included both armed and programming control line, and the design and manufacture of most of the mechanical components thereof.

Revamping of Final line Inspection Line PLC

(Contratista de Tecnoap)
  • Within a technological upgrade plan at Siderar plant in Ensenada, we migrated and implemented the Final Line Inspection Sheet PLC program, which was originally programmed in Modsoft, to Unity.

Drum positioners and tester

  • Two stations of positioning of drums and a pneumatic test were designed and joined to the original line forming drum in Planta 1 of Fabritam SRL, located in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Given that the new equipment had to be intercalated with the existing, physical measurements and control logic were designed to interact with the current system and comply with the cycle time of 7 seconds.

051272V Custom Power Supply

(Contratista de Tecnoap)
  • Was performed a development of a source in rack 19 '' with universal input, 3 independent outputs 100W in 5, 12 and 72V galvanically isolated from each other, with logic protection and status outputs relay type

Grain Routes modification

  • We made changes in the grain routing of Monsanto Maria Eugenia plant, located in Rojas, Buenos Aires. To this end we intersperse new valves in the original system to perform the corresponding detours. Therefore, they were reprogrammed the control logic in the PLCs and the panels of the equipment belonging to the paths involved.

Transportation between drums lines

  • A machine for transferring drums between the two conformed lines was performed for Fabritam in Planta Ochoa. This interconnection allows the passage of drums from the new to the old conformed line before placing top and bottoms, and allows in case of failure on product, or because of production order, start on one line and continue on the other.

Flow calibration suitcase

  • This tailormade development was conducted in order to calibrate combustible flowmeters filling in trucks suppliers. For the same purpose, electronic measurement and pulse synchronization between master and service meter was developed. The application that serves as HMI interface and that stores, in the database of computer, data stations, terminals, product type and other information associated with the calculation of a specific calibration factor was also implemented.